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Proud member of APDO

“What a wonderful result - two days and you have worked a miracle.  I now have my Dining Room and my Study back.  Everything is so organised I absolutely could not have done it without you and you made it fun too, fitting a quart into a pint pot!”

Nicki;  Gloucester

To a friend:
“It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Kay Julian, who is here helping me for 2 days. The difference just one day with Kay makes is totally astonishing – I feel lighter and freer, I’m loving the difference in my office already … and it’s only half done. The rest will done tomorrow!  Kay helps bring order to any mess in your home, and she takes the mess away ….. no messing!”

And then to Kay:
“I knew I couldn’t go to bed without saying a massive THANK YOU for the amazing work you have done over the last 2 days. It was so lovely to see you again, get to know you better, and absolutely lovely to have your company. Thank you for being willing to stay an extra day if needed, you are a very special person.  My office feels so light and airy and I feel great. . . . . .”

Ali;  Leadership Coach and Training Consultant;  Salisbury

“Thanks to Kay what was once a room waist high full of boxes is now a fully functioning sitting/workroom.  Kay’s perception, patient understanding and amazing efficiency got the job done smoothly and easily and even made it fun.  Kay was so easy to get on with and sympathetic to the task in hand that I now ask her to come regularly to support me clearing out more things and with my everyday organisation.  I couldn’t manage without her help.”

Sarah;  Bridgnorth

“Kay has helped me several times with various decluttering projects around the house. I now have an office in which I can think clearly, a guest bedroom that’s always ready for guests with no sorting out required, and a ‘new’ kitchen with no clutter on the worktops and no horrors lurking in the cupboards. Her cheerful optimism, useful tips and ideas make our time together fun and keeps me going long after I would have given up if I had been trying to do it all on my own. After each visit, I feel lighter and the house much more spacious and easier to keep clean and tidy.”

Jane; Writer and Marketeer;  Cotswolds

Kay was incredibly useful in helping me to organise my mind around what I needed to do to change things around in the house.  She has an easy manner and a wealth of tips / solutions if asked. Her talent is in facilitating change in a non-directive way.  By the end of her session I felt armed with lots of ideas and I had a created a clear and attainable action plan.  I would certainly recommend Kay to anyone who needs help with sorting, organising or planning any change in their lives/homes.

Catherine; Psychiatrist

We’ve always been untidy but since we began the renovation works in the house, the clutter became enormous and began to spread to all rooms. Kay has only done two and a half days so far and my friends are commenting on how completely different the house feels to them.  To me, I can finally see that getting it all under control will give me time to spend with the children, to cook and bake, to get the stuff done that’s on my very long list and to sit in the garden with a glass of wine and chill.  We enjoy a good social life but over the past 6 months it’s been quiet here.  No parties or gatherings with family and friends.  We’re having a party on Sunday now because we have time to organise it and the house is so fab, we can do it! That’s worth paying for.

Jane; Writer/ Training and Development Consultant

"Thank you so much for your help organizing my house last month. I could NOT have done it without you!  I will definitely call you again when I need to do another clear out.  I enjoyed your company and found you very pleasant to work with."

Jessica; Cheltenham.

"I work at home and was using the kitchen and utility room, spreading my paperwork across both.  I needed more space.  A daunting task became light and easy in Kay's hands.  Kay has been brilliant to work with . . .   I could trust her to come into my home and see the chaos without judgement."

Kate;  Photographer, Worcestershire

"With a busy, hectic job and a large family, I had so much to de-clutter I didn't know where to start.  My porch - which doubles up as a cloakroom - stressed me the most.  Kay helped me prioritise what needed to be there, organise the furniture and transform the overall appearance.  It has made a huge difference to my life - I smile as I go into my porch now instead of feeling close to tears!"

Paula;  Consultant Paediatrician;  Newcastle.

“ . . . I am really fired up to do more.  Love the systems and the neat organized feel, look etc and I can actually put things where they should be, so much more easily!!  FANTASTIC!  Can't thank you enough!”

Lee,  Yoga & Self Development Therapist, Warwickshire.